So you’re setting out on the adventure of a lifetime.

The campervan is loaded up and ready to go. It’s just you and the NT getting acquainted. You’re even starting to get excited about roughing it a bit; sleeping under the stars, foraging for bush tucker, cooking on a camp fire. But this is 2015, so you will have your handy smartphone with you of course. You want to be able to Google whether something is safe to eat or how to find a toilet; and we don’t blame you at all. In fact, we’re here to show you some really helpful apps for the NT. Remember, information is power!

Must-have Apps

Wiki Camps

This will set you back $4.99 but it’s a great resource to have on the road. The crowd sourced information is updated all the time so you will always have an up to date guide to campgrounds all over Australia.

Get Wiki Camps from the App Store.


This free app will locate just about anything you can think of. Toilets, bars, hospitals, petrol stations you name it. This is a great tool to have by your side as you explore unknown lands.

Get AroundMe from the App Store.

First Aid by Australian Red Cross

This is an app everyone should have no matter where they are. With videos, easy to use interface and step by step instructions it’s the perfect accompaniment to a fully stocked first aid kit.

Get First Aid by Australian Red Cross from the App Store.


This is the product of a national initiative between National Museum, the CSIRO and the Commonwealth Government to bring together information about Australia flora and fauna. It’ll tell you what plants and animals to keep an eye out for and give you detailed information. It’s a great learning tool for the more curious adventurer.

Get OzAtlas from the App Store.

Kakadu Birds & Uluru Birds

These two apps are a great bird watching companions. With interactive maps, bird call recording and beautiful images they’ll satisfy the curious twitcher in you.

Get Kakadu Birds from the App Store.

Get Uluru Birds from the App Store.

GoSkyWatch Planetarium for iPad – Astronomy Guide to the Night Sky

One of the best experience you can have in the NT is simply lying on your back and staring at the incredible night sky. For those who are a little curious this app maps out stars planets and constellations.

Get GoSkyWatch Planetarium from the App Store.

Like a Local Tablet for Britz, Maui and Mighty Campervans

Not only do these loaded tablets have some amazing apps, these babies come packed with lots of info and the power to book experiences and activities while you’re on the road. You’ll find GPS, Camerhelp, self driving messages, how to videos and useful camper info like the location of dump stations, petrol stations, things to do and campgrounds. With dedicated booking staff at your disposal it’s like a having a little local follow you around